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Lawn Grubs (or Armyworm) are a moth caterpillar that feed on the turf foliage at night. The lawn grub season extends from October generally through to March, but can vary given differing seasonal conditions.

What does lawn grub do?
Typically these moths come in large numbers and cause rapid damage to turf areas and may even kill your lawn entirely. They prefer to feed on fresh and healthy lawns to give their offspring the best chances of survival, but will attack all varieties of turf if in need.

What to look for?
A good sign that you have lawn grub is when you see birds feeding on your lawn either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you have found small egg sacs under the eaves of you house or surrounds then you know they have arrived or have already been in your lawn. You will also see brown patches or pale colouring in your turf. If you look into the thatch layer of your lawn you may even see little green caterpillars.

What should I do?
Lawn grub can be sprayed with any lawn grub pest control, applying this product generally 2 to 3 times during the week. This product can be purchased at nurseries and most hardware stores.

Is there a prevention?
Enquire with River Oak Turf for the ultimate slow release fertiliser that kills most common lawn pests while strengthening your lawn. We recommend that you fertilise your lawn two to three times a year. This assists to keep your lawn healthy and strong, making it easier for your lawn to withstand an army worm attack. Fertiliser is also a natural preventative, army worm do not like this product and fertiliser naturally assists your lawn to grow and recover from damage. Mow regularly during the warmer months of the year.

Lawn grub or Army worm is a serious problem, we aim to assist you and to encourage the community to work together to prevent these attacks. This information is brought to you by River Oak Turf, click here to download this Lawn Grub information sheet and assist us to keep the community informed about these pests.