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When you place an order with River Oak Turf we need to know your measurements in square metres. Below is a basic guide to measuring three different shapes, if you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. Alternatively you can include these measurements and a sketch of your area and allow River Oak Turf to help determine the correct amount.

Measuring a Square
With a tape measure in metres the length and the width of the square, then multiply the length by the width to gain the required amount of turf.

Measuring a Circle
Measure in metres the diameter of the circle (by drawing a line straight through the centre of the circle). Then multiply this measurement by 0.80. Then multiply this amount by the diameter again.

Measuring a Triangle
Measure in metres the base and the height of the triangle. Then multiply the base measurement by 0.50, then times this by the height measurement to gain your correct amount of turf required.

The measurement you are given from these calculations will be the required amount of turf in square metres.

If your area is an odd shape it is easiest to break the area up into these shapes to calculate the correct amount of turf required.

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