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Ground Preparation

Good soil preparation is necessary to achieve a quality result from your turfing experience. How you are best to go about preparing your lawn does vary, below is some general information.

Ensure all rocks and debris are removed from the sight, then remove all existing grass and weeds with a safe herbicide, generally round up at least 5 to 10 days before turfing.

Rotary hoeing your soil will assist to loosen tightly compacted soil and will deter weeds and other grasses from reappearing, or loosen the ground with a spade etc, and mix in appropriate soil conditioners. Eliminate drainage problems by moving soil to allow for sloping away from foundations.

For best results then cover the area with a quality top soil and level this area as best as possible with a rake. If you are not bringing in quality top soil then rake in fertilizer, lime etc. Rolling the area lightly with a lawn roller will assist to firm the surface of the soil.

Water the prepared area to provide your new turf with a moist base. It is important that turf be laid on a damp cool soil bed as dry hot soil will damage the root system of the turf.

TIP - Fertilize your lawn twice a year with a safe fertilizer such as Dynamic Lifter to ensure your lawn remains healthy. Feed your lawn and it will perform.

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