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Wintergreen Couch is a fine leaf textured grass and is an improved selection of couch. Wintergreen displays a lovely mid to deep green colour, and is well known for maintaining its colour longer during the year. This grass has great wear tolerance and is ideal for the family and pets to enjoy. The quality of this grass is extremely good and it is suitable for a wide range of applications on the North Coast from residential lawns to playing fields.


Fine leaf couch with a soft texture
Mid to deep green in colour
Drought Tolerant
Performs well in high traffic areas
Excellent winter colour retention
Tolerates frost during winter
Tolerates up to 30% shade during the day
Good disease and pest resistance
High tolerance to water logging


Residential Lawns, Parks, Schools and Sporting Fields

Pests, Weeds and Diseases

Turf purchased from River Oak Turf are resistant to pests, weeds and fungi compared to most other turf varieties, but as with any natural product, occasional problems can occur. If these problems occur we recommend the following:

  1. Pests - watch for the lawn grub (e.g. web worm or army worm) and african black beetle- apply suitable pesticides according to directions.

  2. Weeds - if weeds infest, hand eradicate before seed head develops or apply a suitable weedicide (ask your local garden centre.) Contact River Oak Turf for an information sheet on these topics.

TIP To achieve a fantastic looking lawn all year round, mow regularly and fertilise twice a year (preferably when it rains) with dynamic lifter.